Directed Activities

In Raquetas de Mijas we cover all your needs. That is why we give you the possibility of taking care of your health in very different ways.
We present you our directed activities!

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is one of the most extensive types of Yoga practice, as it includes the practice of asanas (yoga postures), breathing exercises (pranayama), purification and meditation. The practice of Hatha Yoga seeks to help find the balance of body and mind, thus promoting change.

Strengthens and tones the body: Hatha Yoga postures help achieve optimal function of certain muscle groups in the body. After a few months of practice, you will notice that your muscles are more agile, stronger and with much more energy.

Release body tension: Hatha Yoga breathing exercises help release body tension. By focusing on the breath, the mind relaxes and this helps relieve stress. These exercises also help to release toxins that tend to accumulate in the body if they are not removed properly.

In addition, Hatha Yoga has the benefits of toning the muscles that support the spine, thus giving it strength as well as flexibility. Also, it improves flexibility by practicing it regularly and, if it is done together with a meditation, it relaxes body and mind.

Our instructor David will be delighted to welcome you to his classes every Tuesday and Friday from 10:30 to 12:00. Namaste!


The Pilates method is a discipline created by Joseph Hubertus Pilates in the mid-20th century to overcome his own physical problems. Since then, this combination of yoga, Swedish gymnastics, martial arts and ballet has been one of the most followed fitness disciplines in the world.

Thanks to the practice of Pilates, we exercise our entire body, although it focuses more on the muscles of our abdomen, back and pelvic floor. Its benefits? All those!

  • Improved concentration.
  • Greater control of your own body.
  • Greater precision in body movements and balance.
  • Learn to breathe correctly and synchronized with your movements.
  • It improves the physical condition of people with joint or muscular diseases.
  • It provides strength and elasticity.
  • Improved sleep and relaxation by combining breathing and strength techniques.
  • Improvement of your body posture.

As you can see, this discipline covers many needs that we all have today. The best? That our teachers Judith and Britta will adapt all the exercises so that none of you are left out. We wait for you!


Our Tonning classes are based, as the name suggests, on Muscle Toning. What is muscle toning? Very simple! It is the ability of our muscles to increase their tone and acquire greater strength and firmness.

With the aim of exercising the body fully, our classes are based on a series of work with weights and with the body itself following a choreography to the rhythm of the music. Do you find it simple? We encourage you to try it, you will see how you end up with laces!


Although within the world of Zumba we can find numerous variables; In general, this type of training fuses high and low intensity movements to the rhythm of the latest Latin music. Discipline created in the mid-1990s by Alberto “Beto” Pérez and focused on maintaining a healthy, strengthened and flexible body, it is a complete workout disguised as dances, rhythm and many, many laughs.

At Raquetas de Mijas, Yolanda and Marieke will make you live the world of Zumba combining cardiovascular and muscular work, balance and flexibility and activating your body. Check our schedules and have fun in our Zumba classes while you burn calories, tone your muscles, release tension and socialize. All in one!

Functional Training

Although this type of training began as a rehabilitation mechanism for people who had suffered certain injuries and had lost mobility, today it has become a high-intensity training whose objective is to adapt our body to our daily habits, that is, work the muscles by imitating our daily lives. In our Functional Training classes, Fran Contero will help you exercise your whole body, involving several muscle groups in the same session, helps you lose weight and improves posture.

The benefits of doing functional training? Obtaining real strength, improvement of the cardiovascular fund, improvement of the muscular connections, formation of a strengthened body, improvement of the coordination.

In addition, our Functional Training classes will be combined with Career sessions, with which you will take much more depth. What more could you want?